Moorestown High School street view

Over three centuries old, Moorestown has an unusually rich history. Founded by the Society of Friends in the late 1600's, Moorestown has matured into a suburban, residential community, proud that it has retained its classic charm and pleasant country atmosphere. The township is located in historic Burlington County, approximately 12 miles from center city Philadelphia. A large percentage of the over 19,000 residents are employed in the high technology, research, and international businesses that have settled in this prime growth region. The quality and diversity of its citizens are reflected in the character and lifestyle of this progressive community. Moorestown High School was named one of the top ten high schools in New Jersey by New Jersey Monthly Magazine.

Established in 1904, Moorestown High School is a four-year comprehensive high school with a long standing history of academic excellence. The vision for Moorestown High School is for the continued development and maintenance of a program which effectively balances academics, aesthetic, and athletic elements. A critical component of this program is the maintenance of an environment which responds to the students' personal and academic needs. Moorestown High School has implemented a strategic plan two years ago designed to prepare students for success in the 21st century. The high school completed a 12.9 million dollar renovation and addition project to provide a modern, state-of-the-art facility. Courses such as digital computerized photography, internet astronomy, electronic journalism, and computerized industrial technology courses utilize the most recent technology innovations.

In striving to attain this mission, the school relies upon a shared commitment of parents, students, and faculty to attain academic and personal growth. Approximately 1000 students may choose from among 174 courses and programs of study that reflect their abilities and aspirations. More than 56 percent of the student body participates in advanced placement or honors programs. Approximately 95 percent of our student body continue their education at the post secondary level. Both the New Jersey Monthly and the Philadelphia Magazine have cited Moorestown High School as one of the finest schools in our region.

There are 87 certified faculty members who have an average teaching experience of 13 years. Sixty percent of the faculty hold advanced degrees. They are involved in decision-making at many levels. Formal and informal mechanisms are in place which enable faculty members to engage in collegial planning and to facilitate implementation of the educational programs.

Through strong community support, the high schools' environment is one which expects and fosters student involvement. The School Council, consisting of parents, community members, professional staff and students, developed two goals to ensure the quality of education. The first goal is to foster a school climate of mutual respect and dignify for all high school students and staff by providing the opportunity to learn in a non-threatening environment. A second goal is the continuance of educational technology application to all school programs by enabling students to access technological advances. Community standards and the expectations which the students bring to the school encourage participation. Consequently, a majority of the students are active in student government, organizations, and athletics. Vocal and instrumental programs enable students to participate in All State chorus, bands and orchestras. Major theatrical productions include a dramatics presentation in the fall and a musical in the spring. Students compete in academic contests in mathematics, government, drama, speech, debate, and industrial technology. The Student Association and the class officers constitute the students' executive leaders who advise and assist the administration. Moorestown High School fields teams in 28 varsity sports with many teams earning state, county, and league championships.

Moorestown High School reflects the lifestyle of a community that takes pride in its scholastic and cultural achievements and reinforces a tradition of excellence.