"Lest We Forget" Memorial

Memorial in MHS Lobby

From the years leading to the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 to the Grand Alliance victories in Europe and Japan in 1945, American soldiers engaged the forces of the Axis powers on battlefields across the globe in the conflict to be known as World War II. During this dramatic and traumatic time in world history, more than 800 graduates and staff members of Moorestown High School proudly served our country as part of the Armed Forces of the United States. Scores more of our graduates and staff members similarly answered the call of their country to serve in subsequent years - many during times of armed conflict, including the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The names of these graduates and staff members are enshrined on the “Lest We Forget” Memorial on display in the high school’s main lobby.

In remembrance of our honored brethren, a listing of those schoolmates who served during World War II and beyond - whose names are preserved on the “Lest We Forget” Memorial – is available for review by clicking on the link below. The veterans who appear on the "Lest We Forget" Memorial will be identified by a numeric value (1-6) in the Panel Location column.

MHS Veterans List - Combined and Perpetual (Spreadsheet or PDF Accessible)

Many of those schoolmates who served during these armed conflicts - 31 schoolmates in all - gave their lives in the service of our country. The names of these fallen brethren are also honored in the Moorestown High School Gold Star Roll of Honor.

About the “Lest We Forget” Memorial

1946 Honor Roll MemorialIn the wake of World War II, the staff and students of Moorestown High School wished to create a permanent remembrance of those graduates and staff members who served and those who, in their service, made the ultimate sacrifice. Through the auspices of the Moorestown High School Civic Club and others, a series of dark wooden panels with names inscribed in golden hue was constructed - the “Lest We Forget” Memorial. The memorial - originally named the “Moorestown High School Honor Roll” -  was placed adjacent to the entrance of the high school building* and was officially dedicated on January 18, 1946.

*Located on the corner of Church Street and West Second Street -  constructed in 1914 and later added to in 1925.

Click on this link to see the original memorial and additional information as it appeared in the 1946 MHS Yearbook

Though a new Moorestown High School building had been built and in full use by 1962 (at its current location on Bridgeboro Road), it is likely that the “Lest We Forget” Memorial remained on display in the “old” high school building until 1970. Sometime during that year, the memorial was placed in protective storage in the Moorestown High School archive - and remained so until 1983.

1983 Dedication PlaqueIn 1983, the memorial was removed from archival storage and prepared for display once more. Restored, updated and reassembled - under the supervision of MHS Assistant Principal Stanley B. Kotzen, with the assistance of the Moorestown High School Student Association - the memorial was placed for permanent display in the main lobby of the high school and was officially re-dedicated during a Special Memorial Day assembly on May 27, 1983.

Click on this link to see a special edition of the MHS school newspaper, The Voice - featuring stories of the "Lest We Forget" Memorial's re-dedication.

Memorials in MHS LobbyThere the “Lest We Forget” Memorial endures – continuing to honor all those who have walked the hallowed halls of Moorestown High School and have served our country with pride and distinction. We offer our thanks to Stanley B. Kotzen for his leadership and vision in returning the “Lest We Forget” Memorial to its rightful and respected place in our school. We endeavor to preserve his legacy - and the legacies of all those to whom the “Lest We Forget” Memorial is dedicated.