Common Application


Common Application Accounting Matching in Naviance - Naviance created the following video to assist students with matching their Naviance and Common Application accounts:  Naviance Video

Matching your Naviance "Family Connection" Account
With Your Common Application Account

  1. Register your Naviance Family Connection account
  2. Create a Common Application account
  3. In the "Education" section of the Common Application (under "Common Application" tab), add Moorestown High School as your school
  4. Enter at least one college in the "My Colleges" tab
  5. In "My Colleges" tab, click on "Recommenders and FERPA" under one of the colleges
  6. Under "FERPA Release Authorization" at the top, click on "release authorization"
  7. Complete "FERPA WAIVER" / "release authorization" (The colleges recommend that students waive their rights under this)
  8. In Naviance account, under "Colleges" tab, click on "Colleges I am Applying To"
  9. Where it says "Common App Email Address", enter the same email address you used to set up the Common Application account.  You must also enter your "Date of Birth", then click on the "Match" button

Moorestown High School Information You May Need
 When Completing Your Common Application:

Moorestown High School
350 Bridgeboro Road
Moorestown, NJ 08057

For 2021-2022 school year

School Subsection:

CEEB Code: 310825

Graduation Date:  June 17, 2022

Contact Information:

Monica Bell
[email protected]
ext. 12190

Catherine Booth
[email protected]
ext. 12192

David Greenberg
[email protected]
ext. 12191

Melissa O'Donnell
ext. 12194

Amilcan Rodriguez
[email protected]
ext. 12197

Karen Sakoff
[email protected]
ext. 12196

Grades Subsection:

Class Rank Reporting: 

Graduating Class Size:  335

Cumulative GPA:  (obtain this from your transcript -- see your Guidance Counselor)

GPA Scale:  4

GPA Weighting:  Weighted

Current Year Courses Subsection:

Full-year courses, such as English, Math, World Language, are usually 5 credits.

Semester courses are usually 2.5 credits.

Science courses are 6 credits.

Physical Education 12 is 3 credits.

Health 12 is 1 credit.  (There is no option for "quarter 1 or quarter 2" -- select "Semester 1")