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Kaplan Contact for Moorestown High School:

Ashley LaFrance, Program Manager



Attention Juniors and Sophomores - SAT vs. ACT Practice Test:
Kaplan Test Prep and the Moorestown High School Service and Honor & Service Society will be hosting an SAT vs ACT practice test on Saturday, 10/20/18 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at MHS.  Exact location TBD.  Students should arrive no later than 8:45 to sign in.  Students should bring (2) #2 pencils, a calculator, water, and snack as well as a fully charged smartphone or tablet.  A $10.00 fee will be collected at sign in.  All proceeds go to the Honor & Service Society.  Please bring cash only.  Great news -- students will leave the practice test with their scores.  They will need to bring a fully charged smartphone or tablet to use only after the completion of the test for scoring.  In order for the scoring to work properly, students MUST be registered for the practice test by Wednesday, October 17th.  If you have more than 1 student taking the practice test, please use a unique email for each student.  To register, please visit kaplan.formstack.com/forms/satvsactmoorestown.  For questions, please contact Program Manager Ashley LaFrance at ashley.lafrance@kaplan.com.

Kaplan Tset Prep is hosting PSAT Prep LIVE:
Free Live Lessons starting 9/29.  To register, visit https://www.kaptest.com/psat/free/psat-prep-live.

Looking for more practice?:
Check out kaptest.com/hsevents to find free online events including SAT, ACT or combo practice test!

Looking for one on one, private tutoring?:
Moorestown High School students receive 10% off.   More than just a class, Kaplan’s SAT and ACT one-on-one personalized tutoring is a customized course, tailored to your needs with a SAT  or ACT master as your personal guide.  We offer a variety of packages.  Plus, you can use your tutoring hours onsite or online.  For more information, visit https://www.kaptest.com/sat/sat-prep-course/sat-tutoring or call 1-800-KAPTEST.

SAT Prep Classes at Moorestown High School with Kaplan:
Kaplan is offering SAT prep classes at Moorestown High School to prepare for upcoming SAT tests.  For more information visit kaptest.com/schedules or call 1-800-KAPTEST.

Free Access for Moorestown High School Students:
Moorestown High School Students who want to access Kaplan’s Free On Demand test prep programs for SAT or ACT, please go to to register kaplanatschool.com/moorestown. On Demand test prep is available and totally free for families of Moorestown High school due to our partnership with Kaplan.  Any questions about the free online prep should call 1-800-527-8378.

SAT or ACT?:
Which path should you take?  Try a FREE SAT vs ACT combo practice test!  Visit https://www.kaptest.com/college-prep/free-resources/free-events.