Handbooks & Forms

2015 - 2016 Student Handbook
2015-2016 Student Handbook.pdf


2017 Senior Sign-Off Form:
The Senior Graduation Sign Off Form is mandatory.  This form can also be found in the MHS Guidance Office.  The Senior Graduation Sign-Off Form requests the MHS Guidance Office to send the student's Final Transcript to the college they will be attending.  It requests the students’ Final Transcript be sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center (if applicable and if the appropriate spot is checked off).  The form also collects information on the student's post-secondary plans.  By checking YES your information will be used in Naviance by MHS for the purposes of analyzing post high school outcomes.  Your information will not be sold and you will not be contacted. 

This form will be an obligation, withholding your cap/gown,  if you do not submit.

Thank you and - Congratulations!
2017 Senior Graduation Sign-Off Form


2017 - 2018 Program of Studies
2017-2018 MHS Program of Studies.pdf

Waiver Form (Rising 9th grade students)
Waiver Form (9th through 11th grade)
Waiver Form for Students in 9th through 11th Grade - 2017-2018
Personalized Student Learning Opportunities (PLO)
 Personalized Learning Opportunities 2010.pdf

PLO Application Form 2014 - for use when requesting approval for taking courses outside of MHS, internships or personalized learning opportunities as outlined in the PLO document and the MHS Program of Studies.
PLO Application Form 2014


Parent Comments and Observations Sheet
Helps parents of Seniors participate in their child's post-secondary planning process by providing your child's counselor with supporting information that may be included in the counselor's letter of recommendation.
Student Activities Sheet
Allows Seniors to provide their counselor with a list of their school related and non-school related activities and accomplishments. This information may be included in the counselor's letter of recommendation.
Transcript Release Form
To release a transcript, a Transcript Release Form must be signed by a parent/guardian or an adult student (age 18) and given to the School Counseling Department.  This form can also be used to obtain your own copy of your "unofficial transcipt."
Transcript Release Form.pdf
Naviance Directions
For use when applying to colleges using our Naviance Family Connection system and eDocs.   
Naviance Directions

Counselor Recommendation Waiver
This form is completed and submitted with the first college application a student submits.
Teacher & Counselor Recommendation Waiver.DOC
MHS School Profile
This document describes Moorestown High School to colleges.
2017-2018 MHS School Profile

Mid-Year Report Request Form
This form is completed and submitted to Guidance to have a mid-year report sent to colleges.
Mid-Year Request Form 2017.pdf

Sample College Resume
This is a sample format to use for setting up a college resume.
Weekly Progress Report Form
This form is helpful for parents to get periodic feedback from teachers regarding their child's progress. It can be used weekly, bi-weekly or as often as needed. It can be used for one class, two classes, or as many as necessary. The student should bring the form to his or her teacher, then return the completed form to his or her parents.
Honor and Service Society Tutor Form
Sign-up sheet used to obtain a student tutor from the Honor and Service Society.
HSS Tutor Request Form.pdf
Community Service Request to Record Hours

Anyone who has taken the time to help others knows that the good feeling one gets from volunteering is reward enough. The willingness to commit time and effort to assist others is a character trait that is valued by colleges and employers. To recognize student efforts, Moorestown High School students can earn designation on their transcripts for service to the community. Transcript recognition begins at 40 hours per service year and increases in the following increments: 40+ hours, 60+ hours, 80+ hours, 100+ hours, 200+ hours, 300+ hours, and 400+ hours.
In addition to transcript designation, students who successfully record between 50 and 99 hours of community service in one service year will be awarded a certificate denoting an Outstanding level of service for the year. Students who submit 100 or more hours in one service year will be awarded a certificate denoting an Exceptional level of service for the year. In addition to internal recognition, the President’s Volunteer Service Award is presented to students that record over 100 community service hours in a service year. Each year, the MHS Community Service Council will honor the students who have cumulatively recorded service hours within the top 10% of their graduating class. Membership in an MHS-sponsored club or activity is not a prerequisite for community service recognition.
The 2017-2018 Request to Record Volunteer Hours form must be used to document service hours from May 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018. Students must submit the Request to Record Volunteer Hours forms to the appropriate grade-level adviser by the specified deadlines. The form must be signed by the supervisor overseeing the service work or project; a signed letter (on the letterhead of the sponsoring organization or agency) attached to the form is acceptable. The Request to Record Volunteer Hours form can be obtained from the MHS website (http://mhs.mtps.com/for_students/handbook___forms), MHS Main Office, or outside of the classrooms of the Interact Club advisers. It is recommended that students submit their hours as earned and contact their grade-level adviser to confirm their recorded service hours on a periodic basis.
Students will be able to record a maximum of 10 community service hours per service year for in-kind donations. In-kind donations include donations that are made to charitable organizations such as non-perishable food items, clothing, books, and school supplies. Students will be awarded 1 hour of service for every 4 items donated. 


2017 Summer School Brochure: