Social Science and History

The History Research Center combines Infobase's popular history databases into one user-friendly suite.  Subject entries, biographies, primary sources, maps and charts, and even image galleries can all be accessed easily and quickly. Individual database titles include:
American History, World History, American Women's History, African-American History & Culture, American Indian History & Culture, Ancient History & Culture

SIRS Decades: 20th Century American Sources is an comprehensive database containing Primary Source and reference content from the 20th century. Content is organized into curricular topics pertaining to American History, culture, and daily life of the time and includes primary sources.
SIRS Interactive Citizenship : Government / World Affairs Economics
These online resources...more living interactive books...provide the concepts, principles, and philosophies that encompass these topics.  Titles include What Citizens Need to Know About GovernmentWhat Citizens Need to Know About World Affairs, and What Citizens Need to Know About Economics. The information found in these resources is expanded upon by continuously updated articles, documents and web sites from SIRS Knowledge Source databases.
These in-depth ebook resources explore the events that shaped the 20th century - and continue to shape the 21st. The Historic Events of the 20th Century Online Guides provide a narrative history and analysis of the critical historic events of the century, each written by a recognized scholar in the field. Each Guide - World War I, World War II, The Civil Rights Movement and Islamic Fundamentalism -  includes primary documents, biographical profiles, a chronology, photographs, and other relevant information on the key figures, arguments, and actions of the particular historic event.