Google Apps Overview

 Google Apps for Education at MTPS


Starting in the 14-15 school year, MTPS has adopted Google Apps for Education (GAFE) as an educational tool for collaboration, communication, and learning.  GAFE is a free service offered by Google to school systems across the world.  It is accessible from any Internet-enabled device, allowing access from school and from home.  It includes many of the popular Google products such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sites, and more but is tailored specifically to the needs of educational organizations, including ensuring the privacy and protection of student information.  Here are a few resources with more information about GAFE: Students in grades 1 through 12 and all staff members may be given a Google Apps account.  In conjunction with district policy and school administrators, the technology staff has adjusted the settings of Google Apps to support the security and privacy of users.  Student accounts are able to send and receive email from other MTPS users, but not necessarily to or from other email systems on the Internet.  Accounts for students under the age of 13 will not be permitted to access any specific Google app that requires the student to be at least 13.

Expectations For Students
Students are expected to:
  • Follow the requirements set forth in the MooreNet User Agreement and district policy for any use of computer resources associated with MTPS, including Google Apps for Education. The MooreNet Acceptable Use Agreement can be found on the MTPS Forms, Notices, and Student Handbook page, and the relevant MTPS Policies can be found via the MTPS Policies and Procedures page.
  • Check their MTPS Google Apps email periodically.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Will I need to provide my child with a computer to use Google Apps?
A. A student-owned computer is not required to take advantage of Google Apps, though allowing students to use their own computer, or an existing family computer, with Internet access may be beneficial for them.  Families wishing to purchase a personal device for their student's use is their decision.  There are no specific MTPS recommendations for what sort of computer or configuration is the best for use with MTPS systems.

Q. Will my child be required to access GAFE from home?
A.  MTPS does not require students to have Internet access at home or to use Google Apps at home.  However, classroom teachers may assign homework with an online component.  Students may use Google Apps at school to complete this work, at public libraries, or other locations with Internet access.  If you are looking for a low-cost option for Internet access at home, one option is Comcast's Internet Essentials program for student families who qualify.  Another source of inexpensive Internet access options is Jersey On.
Q. Can parents access Google Apps For Education?
A.  Only MTPS students and staff will have an account.  However, we encourage students and parents to login together using the student's account to review the student's files.  Parents wishing to contact teachers through email should use their own email account, not their child's account.

Q.  How can my child find out what their Google username/password is?
A.  Student usernames for Google Apps are the same as their usernames for the computers at school.  A combination of their name and year of graduation.  However, the Google logon requires the "" at the end of the username.  Student's usernames and initial passwords will be made available within the Genesis Parent Portal once it is open for the 14-15 school year.  If the student changes their password and forgets it, they should ask their teacher, the library/media specialist, or a member of the technology support staff for assistance in resetting it.