Fashion Design I- Ms. Morrow

Instructor: Ms. Morrow


Students have a classroom page in Google for this course
Flash drive
Everyone NEEDS a flash drive for this class, it can be small and used in another class as well and if you wish after course is over you can wipe it and use it for photos, but you need to back up what you save on a flash drive!!! It is worth 20 points in Genesis, but after the 2nd week of class that will start going down, five points a week until it zeros out.
about genesis
Assignments show in genesis with their due date even homeworks so you can check what is coming up or due. I put grades in as fast as I can...if it was due and there is no grade either I haven't got it graded yet, or maybe I am planning on giving it more time, but if you have an "M" that means it is missing and you are losing points for each day late it is! So get it done and turned in!

In the beginning, grades in genesis will be off balance as homeworks worth 10 points will not have projects which take longer to complete and are worth up to 100 in to balance them out, not doing homework will lower your grade, around a whole letter grade but it will not fail you. Not doing projects can fail you. It up to you, this is an easy class to earn an A in, your grade is based more on effort and personal growth than artistic the projects, meet the requirements of those projects and do your best, and we will all by happy, I like giving "A"s, so earn one!


No "Homework" exist(s)


pinterest page for my classes
visual images to help get ideas from
runway shows, designer lists and collections, the best resource for homework images